Sustainable Energy Systems

In this age of expensive energy, Probuild knows how important it is to get the best energy source for you – right from the start.

Named as Domestic Ground Source Installer of the Year at the National Heat Pump Awards in 2012, Probuild’s consultants in this field have designed, tested and installed sustainable energy systems since 2005.

Whether you have a specific solution in mind, or a desire to improve your property’s energy efficiency, Probuild’s experienced consultants and installers of renewable energy systems can provide advice and help at every stage. They offer the highest quality independent and unbiased solutions and strive to identify the best bespoke system design for your property that offers high efficiency and long-term savings.

We are always happy to discuss your energy requirements and can advise on the recent updates to the Renewable Heat Incentive. We can advise on Ground Source Heat Pumps and other Renewable Energy Systems that take energy from natural sources and convert it for use in your home. Switching from oil or LPG to Renewable Energies such as Heat Pumps or Biomass Boilers can reduce fuel costs by 60% or 80% at today’s prices and Government Incentives can contribute to a return on investment in excess of 20% annually.

Improve your property’s energy efficiency