Property Makeovers

Let Probuild totally transform the look of your house! Sometimes there is a quick and inexpensive fix that may be well worth considering. Alternatively, Probuild can advise on a wholescale re-design of your property, transforming a feature-less House into a prestigious and harmonious Home.

Probuild is frequently approached by client’s seeking advice on how best to ‘re-organise’ their interiors in order to maximise the space available. If space is at a premium, the best option is often to ‘open out’ the area to create a flow through the house, whilst ensuring the functionality of the different spaces created.

Whilst extending provides additional space, it is important not to render the ‘old room’ unfunctional room due to lack of light. For some, maintaining a room for ‘Violin Practice’ is often essential, too!

Probuild is happy to share their advice and expertise to ensure your project is viewed holistically and sensibly, according to budget – and our first visit is free!

Transform the look of your house

Maximise space and light